About the Movie

‘Inspired’ is a full feature documentary empowering the viewer to rewrite their past to be more inspired. The film will debunk the teaching that people fear the unknown and demonstrate instead that we fear history repeating itself. Viewers will learn the principles and witness case-studies to live an abundant and inspired life.

Because you’re here, chances are you’re a fan of the work of one of the cast members. We’d like you to share your inspiring story in our documentary. There’s no need to act – just be yourself, and we’ll broadcast your success story to the world to share your journey of inspiration, and help inspire millions more.


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Cast Featured In The Movie

Brian Tracy

Top Motivational Speaker

Dr John Demartini

Human Behaviour Expert

Dr Oudi Abouchacra

Performance Coach

About the Film Makers

Patryk & Kasia Wezowski are very inspired when it comes to love, life, and making movies, and this is what inspired them to make the ‘Inspired’ movie, featuring many stories along the principles for success of Brian Tracy, John Demartini, Ivan Misner, Oudi Abouchacra, and many other influential experts.

Patryk & Kasia have raised over $6M for their previous documentaries, and broke the record of the most funded documentary ever on Indiegogo. They also founded the ‘Digital Development Fund’ with a focus on developing $10M+ narrative movies/series for Netflix/HBO/Hulu/Disney+/etc.


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